We have both cut-your-own trees and pre-cut trees. 

We are the only farm in the area with 8 species of trees, including Fraser fir, Balsam fir, Concolor fir, Scotch pine, Blue spruce, white spruce, Norway spruce, and Canaan fir.  

This year, our cut-your-own trees will be much better than last year, with trees ranging from 6' up to 11'.   We do not trim our cut-your-own Christmas trees very much, they are grown and allowed to shape themselves in their natural habit.  Cut-your-own trees are generally a bit wider than pre-cut trees, and therefore can take up a bit of space.  Our cut-your-own trees are priced according to size, shape, species, and quality.  Some trees are harder to grow than others, may take longer (eg, Concolors), or may need extra care in order to become a Christmas Tree.  We have trees for as little as $15, while the largest trees (over 10') are priced accordingly.  Cut-your-own trees tend to cost a bit more than the pre-cut trees and usually sell out in just a few days. 

Our pre-cut trees are also priced according to size and species.  These trees are not comparable to the trees you might see at other road-side 'tree stands', the Supermarket parking lot, or at major box-stores (eg, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart).  We only order Premium trees, they are cut the week of delivery (whereas most outlets have their trees cut in early November, some even in late October).  If you see trees sitting in a parking lot 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, those trees were quite possibly cut in late October.  Yeah, before Halloween.  That means those trees are already losing water, drying out, and will not last as long. 

Our pre-cut Frasers range from ~$30 for 4', from $50 to $60 for apartment-sized trees, 7' to 9' larger pre-cut Frasers and Fralsams range from $65 to ~$85, and 10'+ up to 13' trees priced accordingly.  Price generally depends upon the height, trees are tagged with prices so it's easy to compare.  Please be aware our trees are generally very full (what is called 'Heavy Density', or medium to heavy density) trees,  with lovely tapers and leaders (the leader is the top of the tree where the star or angel goes).  And our trees are HEAVY!  Full of water.  Some weigh over 100 lbs. 

See the link to the left to better understand the grades of Christmas trees.  Our trees DO cost a wee bit more because we receive weekly shipments over the course of the season, with trees cut each week, so they are fresh fresh fresh. 

We only accept cash and check, we do have an ATM in the barn, and there are other ATMs only 5 minutes from the Farm (near the Shaw's supermarket).


Cut your own


Pre-cut Tree Storage

We store our pre-cut trees inside our Christmas Tree Barn, out of the sun and wind...  Our trees will be healthy, full, and heavy... that means they are full of water and as fresh as can be.  Our pre-cut trees will therefore last much longer inside your home during the Christmas season than trees stored outside for weeks at a time.  Many of our pre-cut trees are cut the week AFTER Thanksgiving.  That means they are fresher and last longer.