Large Trees

For 2017, we have a small selection of large cut-your-own from 12' up to 18', primarily Norway Spruce.  Most of these trees are best for outdoor use, as they are very large (and wide) and will not fit in the usual home size.   We also offer, by appointment, opportunities for companies, social groups, and churches, to come out to select one of our very large trees for special functions and needs.  Call 978 298 5688 to set up an appointment!  Some of our customers like to buy a huge tree to put up in the front yard and decorate with lights for the season.  We also provide trees to Towns for use in the Town center.

We deliver!!

When choosing a larger-sized tree, be sure to consider how you will get the tree home.  Yes, we DO (for a modest fee) offer delivery on larger trees, please ask us BEFORE you cut the tree, as the distance (to your home), the size of the tree, and how much help you need getting the tree in your home will dictate the cost.  Also, be sure you have doors wide enough to get the tree in the house and that the tree will fit down any hallways or through interior doors as needed.  Many of the larger tress cannot fit through our netting machines, so that should be taken into account. Large trees are not only tall, they can be very (very) wide, with large branches that may not bend all that easily. 

You will also need to be sure the tree stand is large enough.  Some trunks on these trees can be upwards of almost a foot in diameter, and a normal tree stand is not built for that size. 


Charlie Brown Trees

We don't profess that each and every tree we grow is perfect.  Some trees are imperfect, with either crooked trunks, thin sides or missing branches on a side, etc.  We let these trees continue to grow, with the hope that even they will find a place in someone's home someday. 

To that point, we have a small selection of 'Charlie Brown Trees'... Our Charlie Brown trees are a wee bit nicer than the one Charlie himself found, but regardless of the imperfections, these trees will help make a special Christmas.  These trees are priced very low (some as low as $15)!  A few strings of popcorn or cranberries, some home-made ornaments and paper chains from the kids, and your tree will be perfectly unique!