Christmas trees are not all made alike.  Christmas trees are graded by the United States Department of Agriculture, there are 3 grades: 

  1. Premium.  All our pre-cut trees are premium.  We can show you what that means.  The tree looks good on all 4 sides, a healthy and strong 'leader', a straight trunk and solid handle (the part you put in the tree stand).  Heavy density... meaning the tree is full of branches, needles, and has a super shape.  No broken branches, no significant needle-drop.  Full of water when you bring it home.

  2. Grade #1.  Some imperfections, usually one side has holes and may be irregularly shaped or have a "thin side".  Less dense, less heavy. 

  3. Grade #2.   Thin, may have only 2 good sides, can have gaps/holes, and may not be as healthy.  Speaking of which, did you know that Home Depot is the number 1 seller of Christmas trees in the USA?  Walmart and Lowes are not far behind... So much for a "family-fun" experience. 

  4. Natural grade (what you find in the woods or in back yards, can be stunning or Charlie Brown-type trees).  Natural means natural... no trimming, the trees 'are what they are'. 

For our pre-cut trees, we sell pre-cut PREMIUM-grade trees only, we do not sell Grade 1 or 2 pre-cut trees.  Our trees should not be confused with the typical #1 and #2 grade trees sold by Christmas tree 'outlets', parking lot stands (eg, at Shaws parking lot in Stow).  Premium grade trees are full and heavy, lots of density to the branches and needles.  A heavy tree is full of water!  Trees full of water will last much longer than dry trees.  

Further, pre-cut trees stored in a parking lot or outside in the elements will already be starting to dry well before you decide to get your tree.  By the time you get that tree home, it's quite likely been outside drying in the sun for 2 or 3 weeks, and very often (if you are buying 2nd week in December) up to 4 or 5 weeks!  A tree stored INDOORS in a dark, humid, and protected (from wind) environment will maintain freshness must longer.  We store our pre-cut trees in our Christmas Tree barn... they are indoors and protected from the elements, and thus are fresher than the trees you may be used to obtaining from other tree stands.  Further, we have several deliveries of pre-cut trees, so the tree you buy the second week in December was cut just the week before... not in mid-November.  This absolutely makes a difference in how long your tree will last.

If you see trees stacked up in piles in a parking lot, outside in the elements and lying around for weeks, do NOT buy one from that source!  The tree will already be well on-its-way to drying out.  Likely the tree is only Grade 1 (or even Grade 2), and you may not be satisfied with the quality nor of the needle retention.