Where are all the Christmas Tree farms going?  2016 was the last year for Greenmantle Christmas tree farm, and in the past 5 years there have been a 1/2 dozen other farms that have closed in our area.  Other local farms closing in 2016 were The Tree Farm in Marlborough and Forestry Farm in Littleton, and the year before Durkee Farm (also Littleton).  These were significant suppliers of cut-your-own trees in the area.  With their closing, there is a shortage of local cut-your-own trees.  In place of this, 'roadside' or 'parking-lot' tree lots sprout up, selling you inferior quality trees that were likely cut 4 or 5 weeks before your purchase by people looking to make a quick buck.  Folks who think they can buy cheap trees, sell them to you at a ridiculous mark-up, and make a killing in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Going to a parking lot and getting an old dried-up tree from someone who doesn't know a Balsam from a Buick...  so much for Christmas traditions.



We here at Mistletoe Christmas Tree Farm are working hard to build up our fields and our 'stock' of trees so that in future years we can provide more families with a cut-your-own tree experience.  Each spring we plant (by hand) replacement trees from the past season, helping to ensure that the Farm will continue to provide trees in years to come.  However, we are unable to provide trees to many folks due to the high demand...  Thus, folks who arrive at our Farm in mid-December will note that we have very few trees left in the field that are for sale.  We limit our sales in order to ensure enough trees for subsequent years.

Christmas Tree farms tend to be on fertile land with thick soil and (often) scenic views and rural character.  Our picturesque old red farmhouse is well over 200 years, and the adjacent Christmas Tree barn about a century in age.  The local Christmas Tree farms that have closed in recent years have, almost without exception, been sold to developers to build homes or condos on, and the loss of the rural 'space' has been notable.  Durkee Farm suffered this fate, as have many other farms, and there are other local farms where new planting has ceased as the owners prepare to retire and to sell their property for other purposes.