It's Christmas... Keep it real!  

Did you ever ask yourself, What is the origin of the ‘artificial’ Christmas Tree?

Well, here's the story! 

China alone produces more than 12 million artificial Xmas trees a year, 90 percent of which are sold in the United States. There has been a strong run on these faux creations. Home Depot, Target, and WalMart have reported a double-digit jump in sales of fake trees. But why have people been so willing to drop up to $1200 for what one online seller, Tree Classics, has trademarked as RealFeel™ Christmas Trees ("with highest quality Real Feel PE technology")? Are folks so put off by shedding a few pine needles that they gladly plunk down a hard-earned $400 for a "Martha Stewart Living 9 ft. Pre-lit Snowy Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones and Multi-Color Lights"?

Plastic ornaments, wreaths and trees are everywhere.  Would you like Polyethylene Fir, PVC Spruce, or polypropylene Pine, with lights while you wait for your paint at Lowes?  The fifteen minutes of convience, maybe financially logistic at the time, are unmemorable and merely one more thing checked off the list in a busy life.  If you think about it, a majority of material purchases are fleeting. But do they offer a better value long term?  Studies have, time and again, demonstrated that when people looked back at their purchases, they realize that experiences provided a better value, for them and their families.  In 10 years, your kids probably won't remember buying that artificial tree at Lowes or Home Depot, but they WILL remember the family tradition of going to a small Christmas Tree Farm, getting hot cocoa, candy canes, and finding that PERFECT one-of-a-kind tree with mom and dad.  Whether they cut it down themselves or choose it from our Christmas Tree Barn, the kids will remember a visit to Mistletoe Christmas Tree Farm.  You'll keep those picture for a lifetime... whereas those pictures of getting that tree at the super market parking lot may fall by the wayside.  Do folks take pictures or remember picking out a tree in a parking lot a big box store?  Or at a Supermarket as they pick up milk and eggs, tossing any old tree on the car as they rush home to prepare for Black Friday?


Our goal is NOT to sell you a tree, but rather to make the tree-finding experience fun and memorable.  We know you can buy a tree in any local retail parking lot... what sets us apart is we don't 'just sell trees', we are helping you create memories.  Christmas Trees are our thing... that's what we do.  We have fun barns, great music, happy people, wreaths, and that Christmas feeling you remember as a kids but seem to have lost in this day and age of Amazon shopping, iPhones, and TV commercials telling you what gifts you need to get, as early as October.


So what is the origin of all these artificial trees that we see at every large retail outlet this time of year? Well, towards the end of the 1800's, a variation of the traditional real Christmas tree appeared: the artificial Christmas tree. Artificial trees originated in Germany, metal wire trees were covered with goose, turkey, ostrich or swan feathers. The feathers were often dyed green to imitate pine needles.


In the 1930's, the Addis Brush Company created the first artificial-brush trees, using the same machinery that made their toilet brushes. The Addis 'Silver Pine' tree was patented in 1950. The Christmas tree was designed to have a revolving light source under it, colored gels allowed the light to shine in different shades as it revolved under the tree.


Did you read that right??  Did we just tell you artificial Christmas Trees as we know them today were designed using the same technology as toilet brushes!?  That's the truth!